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Exclusive Concierge Psychiatry Program

At South Coast Psychiatry, we are the forefront of providing "Concierge" Care to our patients from the very first interaction -- meaning that from the first time you call, and speak to one of our highly trained administrative staff, when you call to set up an appointment, or get more information, you actually get a live person, who knows our practice, our doctors, and is trained in mental health issues, and can answer any questions or address any concerns you have. You will not get an answering machine when you call our office, or a receptionist who answers who cannot address your needs, or a doctor who waits until the end of the day to answer your message or meet your needs. 

Surfing Together


Psychotherapy - or "talk therapy" - is an effective treatment for many psychiatric conditions and interpersonal issues.


All our psychiatrists and therapists are trained in psychodynamic, interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapies. They will work with you to highly personalize your treatment, and find the type of therapy that best suits your needs.

Medication Management

Many of the illnesses we treat at South Coast Psychiatry are biologically based, and can be treated using a combination of both biological and psychological interventions.

Medications can be an integral part of addressing the biological component of some illnesses, which can then make it easier for the psychological interventions (eg. therapy) to have a positive effect in a patient's life.

Family Therapy

At South Coast Psychiatry, we believe strongly in evidence-based tools to help couples, in all phases of their relationship, continue to work on the foundation of their relationship, and to build the necessary tools to continue to strengthen and grow their communication and commitment to each other.

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