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Concierge Services

"Concierge" Psychiatry is a complicated, multi-dimensional term, that is used widely, but often misused or misinterpreted. At South Coast Psychiatry, we strive to set the bar for what outpatient Concierge Psychiatry means in Orange County. We believe that UCLA and UCSD are some of the top academic psychiatric institutions in the country, and in Southern California. We are striving to fill the gap for an outstanding, multidisciplinary clinical group in Orange County, to which patients can come for state of the art, top notch, comprehensive and collaborative mental health care.

First, we have assembled the strongest possible group of multidisciplinary clinicians -- including MDs, nurse practitioners, and therapists -- all from a wide variety of backgrounds and educational experiences, all who reach the incredibly high standard for clinical excellence and patient care we require of all our clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry. So, part of our Concierge care means you will be treated by some of the most highly trained, and best clinicians in the OC.

Further, we believe in total access to your treating clinician -- we understand life happens outside the walls of our office, and outside of our appointment times. And your clinician wants to be there for you when it does. That's why, at South Coast Psychiatry, all patients have access to their clinician 7 days/week, 365/days a year (unless cross coverage has been arranged). *Please note: Our clinicians are not available for emergency services. All patients are given their clinician's email address and cell phone number -- so that if they need to talk in between sessions, or need to connect prior to their next appointment, they have the opportunity to do so. We encourage patients to make us a part of their lives and part of their journey, to not confine their treatment or their recovery to an hour a week (or a half hour every few weeks); we want to be a catalyst for positive change, and a stable, dependable resource for our clients, and we want them to know engaging our services means we are one of their foundations of support going forward.

This is what "Concierge Psychiatry" means at South Coast Psychiatry. We are your one-stop shop for your VIP psychiatric needs in Orange County.

Concierge Services are limited. Call today to and speak to our concierge liason or email 

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